It all started with a clown named Foodang.

Once upon a time, there was a sad little man named George. His friends called him ‘Burt’, which was annoying. He wasn’t what you could call a great success. He had failed at his original dreams of being a baker. George was impatient by nature and lacked discipline. And so he found himself, as we so often do, acting in local theatre productions and playing a clown at the birthday parties of small children. The bottom of the barrel, as it were.

It was right after one such party that George, still in his clown outfit, was hit by a truck-full of radioactive toilet seat covers. The resulting explosion transformed the hapless clown into an isotopic powerhouse! And so was born Foodang the Radioactive Clown… who would later be called Atomic Clown (and was for a while known as Clown of the Atom, Clown With A Gun, and possibly other names too).

George also gained a new mission in life: stop Evil in it’s evil tracks.

During his adventures, Atomic Clown encountered many a friend and foe. The friends included the lovely and hyper-talented Maude Rex, Plant Girl, Captain Fiber, Patty O’Possum, Magic Boy, Jupiter Girl, Dairy Maid, Shark Boy & Sturgeon Girl, and more…

His foes were too numerous to count, but included the fearsome Foul Brotherhood, Sigmund Fiend, The Praetorian Grocer, Mollusk Man, Pathos Man, and still more… read on, gentle one. Within this website, you will learn much.


Once Upon A Time…

Long ago, in a decade far far away, there existed a time of remarkable abundance when many independent startup companies forged their way into the hearts and minds of readers. It was during that time that a clown named Foodang ran afoul of a Canadian truck-load of radioactive toilet seat covers. A new super-hero was born! It would be a few years before the great comic book calamity of the mid-to-late-90s, and this hero flourished in his own way.

Foodang #1 from Continum Comics

Pencils/Colors: Michael Patrick Duggan
Inks: George Perez

Foodang #2 from August House

Pencils: Ben Edlund
Inks: Mike Sagara
Colors: Michael Patrick Duggan

Foodang #1 from Entity Comics

Pencils: Bart Sears
Inks: Andy Smith
Colors: Brad Perkins

Michael Patrick Duggan

Michael has worked in publishing and graphic design–both in production and marketing–for 20 years–as a writer, cartoonist, game designer, and storyboard artist. He has multiple certifications in B2B marketing and lead generation. He gained some notoriety in the comic book world when his American-published Atomic Clown series was translated into French and suddenly sold better than it ever had in North America. It’s a lovely anecdote at dinner parties.

He has worked as a cartoonist, illustrator, colorist, or writer on several comic books, magazines, and novels–including Disney Adventures, The Tick, Foodang, The Dark, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Clown With A Gun, The Lemming, Bunny & Turtle, The Man Named Elinor, NUOS, Atomic Clown, Atomic Men, and LA: Heaven and Hell–and drawn storyboards for The Tick, DinoTrux, Doug, King of the Hill, Astrid Strudelman, and The Wild Thornberries. In addition, he has drawn many merchandising pieces like trading cards and toy cover artwork for major franchises like Harry Potter, DC Comics Heroes, and more.

Michael is a proud nerd with profound opinions about Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and… yes… The West Wing. Rumor has it that the Sorting Hat put him in Hufflepuff. He’s still mulling a lawsuit.